240th Anniversary of the Engagement of Frankstown

Blair County, one mile north of Duncansville on Route 764, on the northwest corner of the intersection of Route 764 (Old 6th Avenue Road) and Theater Drive ~ on the southeast corner of the Imler's Poultry property (previously W.S. Lee & Sons).

The Engagement of Frankstown, which occurred on 3 June 1781, will be commemorated with the dedication of a stone monument.

On the morning of Sunday, 3 June 1781 a detachment of Bedford County Rangers headed north from Fort Fetter to attempt to track down a party of Amerindians who had committed an incursion against Euro~American Settlers in the Frankstown Township region. Forty-three Rangers and volunteers led by Captain John Boyd were ambushed by a party of nearly eighty Seneca warriors and a platoon of British soldiers led out of Fort Niagara by Lieutenant Robert Nelles. The Bedford County Rangers were ambushed about two miles north of Fort Fetter in the vicinity of present-day Eldorado, Altoona. Fifteen men were killed, five wounded and seven taken prisoner, including Captain Boyd.

In view of the fact that the incident duplicated the incident known as the Phillips Rangers' Massacre of 16 July 1780, the stone monument erected for the Engagement of Frankstown is an exact duplication of the Phillips Rangers Massacre monument located along the east slope of Tussey Mountain in Liberty Township, Bedford County.

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This is the Phillips Rangers' Massacre monument, which the Engagement of Frankstown monument duplicates.

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